When off-the-shelf is not an option, rely on SOUTHERN DYNAMICS extensive consulting experience for your custom solutions. Whether you need a replacement for an obsolete piece of industrial automation equipment or a fresh, cutting-edge solution for some piece of industrial computing the world has yet to see, we can make it happen. There  after SOUTHERN DYNAMICS helps you finalize your project, customize  to protect your equipment, labor costs and downtime. There's no manufacturer out there that will take care of you like  SOUTHERN DYNAMICS - it's "just-in-case" protection that lets you know someone is there when you need them, and every time. Contact SOUTHERN DYNAMICS today and speak to one of our consulting engineers about your project.


Services include:


·         New and Replacements for Legacy computer systems, Test & Measurement,   Optical and Marine 

·         Industrial Automation Repair Services

·         Solution Architecture and Design

·         Systems Integration and Roll-Outs

·         Custom Industrial Electronics Design and Manufacturing

·         Prototyping

·         Power Supply Repair and Replacement

·         Customizable   Service Program

·         Equipment and System Upgrades and Migrations

·         Equipment Testing and Calibration

·         End-of-Life(EOL) Procurement and Replacement




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